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Budget seen as 'make or break' for Philip Hammond

Another error similar to botched attempt to raise national insurance in March could damage chancellor’s reputation beyond repair

Philip Hammond is preparing to deliver a budget to parliament that will “make or break” his political career, according to senior allies, who warned that one mistake could mark the end of his tenure at the Treasury.

The chancellor is already under intense pressure from Brexit-supporting Tories as he prepares to prioritise investment in housing, teacher training and technological research and development.

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Tue, 21 Nov 2017 22:00:02 GMT
Wednesday briefing: Chancellor has chequered budget prospects

Accident-prone Hammond under pressure to deliver … David Cassidy dies aged 67 … and which alcoholic drinks make you happy or sad

Hello – it’s Warren Murray with the news in a nutshell.

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Wed, 22 Nov 2017 06:32:42 GMT
North Korean defector's daring escape caught on video

Footage shows regime soldiers pursuing and shooting at their compatriot, who was hit at least five times as he ran for his life across the border

Dramatic footage has emerged showing a North Korean military defector fleeing across the border to South Korea as he is pursued and shot at by his compatriots before being hauled to safety by troops from the other side.

The video, released on Wednesday by the UN command in the South, shows the soldier, who defected last week, racing towards the border village of Panmunjom in a military vehicle before crashing it and continuing his escape on foot.

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Wed, 22 Nov 2017 05:59:03 GMT
David Cassidy, star of 70s TV hit The Partridge Family, dies aged 67

Family statement says teen pop idol Cassidy died in Florida ‘surrounded by those he loved, with joy in his heart’

US teen idol David Cassidy, best known as Keith Partridge on the hit 1970s series The Partridge Family, has died at the age of 67 from organ failure.

Cassidy had been hospitalised in Florida for several days, after experiencing failure of the kidney and liver.

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Wed, 22 Nov 2017 03:20:31 GMT
Uber covered up massive hack that exposed data of 57m users and drivers
  • Firm paid hackers $100,000 to delete data and keep breach quiet
  • Chief security officer Joe Sullivan fired for concealing October 2016 breach

Uber concealed a massive global breach of the personal information of 57 million customers and drivers in October 2016, failing to notify the individuals and regulators, the company acknowledged on Tuesday.

Uber also confirmed it had paid the hackers responsible $100,000 to delete the data and keep the breach quiet, which was first reported by Bloomberg.

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Wed, 22 Nov 2017 02:03:28 GMT
Robert Mugabe resignation ushers in new era for Zimbabwe

Jubilation in streets and parliament tinged with uncertainty about future following decades of authoritarian rule

Robert Mugabe has resigned as president of Zimbabwe with immediate effect after 37 years in power, ushering in a new era for a country as uncertain as it is hopeful.

The man who ruled with an autocrat’s grip for so many years finally caved to popular and political pressure hours after parliament launched proceedings to impeach him.

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Tue, 21 Nov 2017 20:04:32 GMT
John Lasseter taking leave from Pixar, citing 'missteps' and 'unwanted hugs'

The head of Disney Animation will take a six-month sabbatical after stating he has unintentionally made staff members feel ‘disrespected or uncomfortable’

Disney Animation head John Lasseter will take a six-month leave of absence after confessing to unspecified “missteps”.

In a company memo, obtained by the Hollywood Reporter, Lasseter writes that he has fallen short in creating a culture that engenders “support and collaboration” and hints at behavior that he has been confronted about.

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Tue, 21 Nov 2017 21:07:14 GMT
Francis Crick Institute's £700m building 'too noisy to concentrate'

Some of the 1,250 people working at the year-old laboratory say its open plan layout, designed to produce collaboration, makes it hard to focus on work

It is a £700m cathedral to biomedical science, where scientists work together to make breakthroughs in cancer, neuroscience, pandemics and genetics. But the Francis Crick Institute is not proving to be the easiest place to concentrate.

A year after opening, some of the 1,250 people working at the Crick Institute, in its central London laboratory, have complained that the open plan design, intended to assist informal collaboration, means some areas set aside for thinking and writing up research are too noisy.

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Tue, 21 Nov 2017 18:18:59 GMT
'Impossible' New Zealand maths exam even flummoxes teachers

Complaints being investigated after ‘geometric reasoning’ section of high school paper left brightest students despondent and in tears

A New Zealand maths exam for high school students has been criticised as “impossible” with even the brightest students left despondent and in tears at the difficulty of the questions.

New Zealand year 11 students sat the maths exams on Monday and the New Zealand Qualifications Authority has since received a number of complaints regarding the unreasonable difficulty of the paper.

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Wed, 22 Nov 2017 03:43:23 GMT
Sacha Baron Cohen offers to pay fines of tourists who wore 'Borat' mankinis

The scantily clad Czech men were fined $68 each by police in Kazakhstan after they were detained in the country’s capital

Comic actor Sacha Baron Cohen has offered to pay the fines for six Czech tourists who were reportedly detained by authorities in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana for dressing up as his character Borat.

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Wed, 22 Nov 2017 02:39:54 GMT

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